Group booking are a great way for you and your friends or family to save.

Because we save on travel time and costs, Hair Conveniently loves passing these savings onto you with great discounted rates on

group bookings!

Whether it’s a couples booking or the whole family.

Having a ladies day/night out? Get the girls together, have a few drinks, talk, enjoy getting your hair or makeup done at the same time,

before heading out.

Maybe a ladies day/night in? Get the girls together, have a wine or three and be pampered by a great stylist.

A great idea for mums! Each help look after the little ones while you get your hair done! Free child care and fun for the little ones!.


A couple booking

Standard ladies

Standard gentleman


(+ Travel)








A family booking

Standard ladies

Standard gentleman

Standard high school

Standard child


(+ Travel)























Girls day/night out/in  -

Standard  is


(+ Travel)









A ladies colouring day  -

Standard Cut and Colour


(+ Travel)

Minimum of 3

$50-80 each

$10 less each











Minimum of 2

$160 each

$140 each

Make your own personalised Group Booking:

Group discounts apply to makeup services also

For group bookings over $300 the hostess or the organiser can choose from our loyalty gift list as a thank you for your time to organise everyone and for having us!

First Cut full price

2nd Adult cut $10 off each and there after

2nd Students and Children cut $5 off each and there after










Girls day/night out/in! Or any group styling bookings (Minimum of 3).

Are $10 off each.












Ladies or Gentlemen getting together to colour 
each receive $10 off each cut and colour service.  So having both Cut and colour each is a $20 saving for every person!